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William Thornton has great passion for rugs. He used to be a rug cleaner and as the years passed by, he learned more and more about the floor pieces. His hands-on experience helped a lot in improving and mastering his skills in rug cleaning and restoration. To him, seeing the joy, relief and satisfaction in the face of customers when they got their rugs back clean and fresh was a reward in itself. That was when Bill realized that he was in the right place. He hoped and dreamed that one day, he would be able to run his own rug cleaning establishment.

In 1986, Bill was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Oriental Rug Cleaning, an up and coming rug cleaning company, was up for sale. Being aware that he now had the chance to make a dream come true, he snapped on the golden opportunity without second thoughts. Oriental Rug Cleaning was originally located in Pompano Beach, and there was no problem with the site. However, Bill had big dreams for his newly acquired company; he wanted the business to grow. To make this happen, he envisioned that the establishment had to be more productive and successful so he made his up his mind to transfer to a strategic location. The facility had to be bigger and modern as well. Bill knew that the expansion of Oriental Rug Cleaning was possible if he took the right steps.

He decided to move to Central Broward. Oriental Rug Cleaning then became a fully featured rug cleaning facility. The floor area is large, covering 5,000 square feet, in order to allow the cleaning of rugs in large numbers and designate an area for the cleaning process that Bill came up with. Outside is a dusting area where the rugs are dusted off safely, removing all the surface dirt and dust. The wash area as well as those for rinsing, drying and fringe cleaning are located indoors. The restoration and repair section is also found inside. After accomplishing the relocation, Bill continued with his plans for expansion.

This rug cleaning business success story reached far and wide. William Thornton eventually became the Vice president of the Association of Rug Care Specialists. ARC was formed with the goal of moving the science and art of rug care to a higher degree, making costumers more aware of quality rug care, training rug care professionals, and nurturing relationships with industry leaders for rug care. The association was formed when the most respected members of the rug cleaning and rug care community came together and decided to find ways to attain the aforementioned goals.

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