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Living in South Florida can be absolutely amazing, especially in the winter! Sunny skies, unique architecture and let’s not forget about the palm trees. This all adds to why it is a wonderful tropical paradise to live in. Also, what separates life here from our northern neighbors (besides the snow) is that living here is really moving in the direction of modern living where living spaces are defined with clean lines and less clutter. A lot of people are now putting modern rugs on their floors rather then old tradition oriental rugs. I happen to be a fan of Oriental rugs and I am a Oriental rug cleaner. We clean hundreds of rugs a week and have been doing so for nearly 30 years, in fact 2016 is our 30 year anniversary! I would say that today we see more modern rugs then traditional rugs. Of course there will always be a need for these classic, one of kind oriental rugs that show true artistry that many people appreciate. However, nowadays, people are remolding apartments and houses and are turning more to modern furniture and buying modern rugs that aren’t as detailed as the traditional rugs are.

Life in the sub tropics is wonderful and I love living in a home with less things to clean. I have noticed over the years that people are restoring the terrazzo floors in the midcentury homes found throughout the area because they want the modern look and no dirty groutlines. Goodness! I couldn’t image life without dirty grout lines. Terrazzo floors are wonderful and I am jealous that I don’t have them in my apartment. I would cover them up with only a few rugs to add some art to the floor that will compliment the interior furnishings.

If you have any questions about your rugs or have a rug that is to big for a room we can resize the rug to work in the room. Or if you are looking for the right rug, but it is to big for the room and you like the design. Buy it and have us resize it to be the perfect fit for the room.

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