Absolute Drying Process

Drying Process

We, at Oriental Rug Cleaning have been in the rug care and maintenance industry for more than twenty seven years. The many years our company has been in operation made us become wiser in dealing with diverse rug problems. Aside from the basic rug training that our staff went through, we also see to it that our cleaning specialists attended workshops and conventions in order to keep them abreast of the newest methods of rug cleaning and care. This is all part of our program to assure our customers that we are capable of handling any rug issue. One of the basic things that we’ve learned is the drying process.

Our Detailed Procedure

Our extensive experience has also helped us in coming up with a cleaning process designed to produce the best result: a clean, fresh-smelling, soft-feeling rug that looks so good like it just came out of the showroom. The first step is pre-inspection followed by dust and dirt removal. We then neutralize the colors. After that, we concentrate on the fringes by pre-treating it and then detailing it. The main part of the rug is next: it is pre-treated then hand-washed. Rinsing follows.

Drying of Rug

We always tell our customers about the importance of each step. At this point, we want to stress the significance of the drying process. It is the step that takes the longest time to complete, usually taking the whole night. From the soft water rinse process, the rug is placed on a wringer and then on a centrifuge to make sure that majority of the water is removed. The rug is then hung in a room where warm air is circulated by fans. The rug is checked the following day if it has completely dried.

The advantages of Dry Rug

A dry rug is always a good thing; not only for the condition of the floor piece but also for the health of everyone in the household. If a rug is completely dry after washing, its life is made longer because its fibers are in perfect condition: dirt- and moisture-free. Both of these are the ideal conditions of a rug. If a rug is damp and dirty, it is prone to damage or plain deterioration.

On the rug owner’s end, a dry rug means that it will not attract and absorb dirt, dust and grime so easily. The greatest issue with a moist floor piece is that it can become a breeding ground for molds. These microscopic plants do not only cause the deterioration, even disintegration in cases of heavy mold infestation of the rug; they also cause a multitude of health problems. Asthma, allergies, skin problems, several upper respiratory tract infections, and many others can be triggered by these organisms. We, at Oriental Rug Cleaning, do not only care about your rug, we care about your health as well.

Going back to the cleaning process, the rug is groomed thoroughly to give it a brand-new look. The drying process and all the other steps also help to bring you to this result. This is our proof of our commitment to high quality rug care.

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