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Dusting Process

Whether you are aware or not, dusting process from Oriental Rug Cleaning is an important component of cleaning rugs. Remember that rugs collect an enormous volume of dirt, sand and dust particles. For this reason, a large number of unwanted particles become part at the base of the rug. Notably, the specific dust, sand and even dirt should be removed prior to cleaning it with water. It is very vital to keep in mind that using water without initially dusting it will trigger inlayed components to solidify inside the base. This will lead to a stiffer rug– consequently limiting its life-span.

Dust is just one of the several menaces of rugs. Pollens, fungus, cigarette smoke, chemicals, unwanted odors and stains are some reasons why you should hire Oriental rug cleaning specialists to work on your rug. Particularly if you have pets at home, stains from urine should be taken out right away.

As we know that rugs are home embellishments, we need to always dust and clean them. Also, to make them last a lifetime, proper care and maintenance must be practiced all the time. However, most homeowners fail at these tasks due to the following factors:

Many Rug Owners Procrastinate

As much as possible, you need to always keep your rug in its faultless condition. There is no such thing as perfect timing to cleaning these floor pieces. Some would wait until mud and soil become visible. Remember that every single time you step on the rug, whether barefoot or with slippers, dirt gets into its fibers. Dirt and foot traffic are the causes of unraveling and wearing out of the rug. The longer you wait, the larger the underlying damage would become.

Many Rug Owners depend on DIY Solutions

There are loads of DIY videos online that can teach you diverse ways on how to clean rugs and rugs. We have been infested by these tutorials that claim cost efficiency and effectiveness. Especially if you have a very narrow budget, you would be tempted to try one. Nevertheless, there are some things that might not just work for you using these DIY solutions. Take into consideration that the use of peroxide and bleaching agents could deteriorate the integrity of colors and knots of rugs. You must primarily consult with experts if the chemicals you are planning to utilize will not harm the wellness of these rugs.

Effective Cleaning Solution from Specialists

Homemade cleaning solutions may just cause further damage. Contact our rug cleaning experts from Oriental Rug Cleaning immediately for the implementation of dusting process and other methods that we do.

While cost-savings is a priority of most households, it is not right to equate extremely cheap fees to good-quality service. Online reviews and certifications will help you identify if you are hiring the right company to clean your rugs. It is always best to hire professional rug cleaners to get the work done accordingly. Choose a company that is duly certified to ensure quality of service.

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