Fringe Cleaning Process

Fringe Cleaning Process

Rug fringes, especially those of Oriental and Persian rugs, are very delicate. So, fringe cleaning is a very important step. Knowing that these precious rugs have elaborate beautiful designs, it is very vital that the cleaning process is done with care so that the overall design won’t be damaged. Since fringes are located on the side of the rugs, they can easily attract dust and other solid dirt. Their fibers and threads can also become easily lose due to frequent vacuum cleaning and scrubbing.

What we Do?

Here at Oriental Rug Cleaning, we do everything with utmost care; we are very careful and thorough when cleaning the fringes of your rugs. We do the fringe cleaning process after we are sure that your rugs are totally dry. Fringes are cleaned and brushed very thoroughly. By using our state-of-the art tools, you are guaranteed that your rugs’ fringes will not be damaged in any way. Our expert rug care staff will brush the fringes until each strand becomes straight. If we see even a small damage on the fringes, our restoration expert will immediately fix the problem in no time. In case of any fringe replacement, we always make sure that the spare parts we choose match the color and design of your Oriental rug.

We care for our customers!

All of us here at Oriental Rug Cleaning always become happy every time we see the satisfied and happy smile on our customers’ faces. We are not just dedicated about cleaning the rugs; we are also about making our valued customers happy. To achieve this, we make sure that we clean every inch of the rug that comes our way. We extensively clean the main body of the rug as well as the fringes on its side. Our dedication to our work is manifested through our meticulous rug cleaning procedure which includes careful fringe cleaning. Also, our expert staff always examines the rugs beforehand to know whether fringes only need simple combing or total replacement.

The evaluation of fringes is done after the Oriental rug is completely dry. Assessment of the kind of treatment that fringes should undergo also happens during this stage. If there are tassels that seem loose, our rug care experts will immediately do the necessary tasks and have them repaired before the damage worsens. Then before we return the rugs to our customers, we do a last and final evaluation of the rugs to make sure that they are 100% clean and totally fresh smelling.

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So for all your rug care needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Oriental Rug Cleaning.  We are in this rug cleaning business for more than 27 years now and what we guarantee is the best service you would surely enjoy. If you want to know how much the service will cost you, we will do free location visit to evaluate your rugs and give you a fair and FREE estimate. For details, visit our website.

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