The Pre-Inspection Process from Oriental Rug Cleaning

Pre-Inspection Process

An Oriental rug brings style, warmth and a touch of class to every room. Indeed they bring great value to your home. However, just like other things in the house especially on the floor, rugs need care and maintenance. Apart from the fact that they do not come cheap, they get dirty easily because of their placement. A rug owner can do some light cleaning like using a vacuum cleaner regularly, and do some dusting once in a while. When the rug starts to look dull, it’s time to bring it to the cleaners like with us at Oriental Rug Cleaning.

Our Professional Rug Cleaning Business

Professional rug cleaning is much better than doing it yourself. It saves time, effort and energy and makes your rug last longer.

Washing the rug by yourself may only lead to problems like color loss and migration, distortion or warping. The worst result is damage, and you do not want that.

We, at Oriental Rug Cleaning have been in the business of rug cleaning and maintenance for more than 27 years. This means that we have gained the knowledge and experience to clean or repair your rugs in the correct and proper manner. In fact, we care about your rugs as much as you do. Our passion for rugs has kept us going on for this long. The knowledge and experience that we gained has contributed a lot to our success. As time went on, we were able to create a special process that takes 9 steps; proof of how much work we put on your rugs so that we can guarantee a clean, vibrant, fresh-smelling and soft rug when we are done.

Our Pre-Inspection Process

Every step is important for us. The first is the pre-inspection, where we check every inch of your rug for any condition that needs attention. If we find anything that requires restoration or repair, we will ask you if you would like to authorize us to fix it. If you give us the permission, there will be a document to be signed by you. We will then put a tag on the rug, take photos of it, and an invoice will be made. The rug will be washed and then we will do the repair or restoration work.

The steps that come after pre-inspection are dust and dirt removal, neutralize the colors, pre-treat the fringes, detail them, pre-treat the rugs, prepare and hand wash the rug, rinse, then dry and groom to perfection. The process may sound long and tedious but our highly trained cleaning specialists can finish it in a short time. The longest step is still the drying process which could take overnight. Our average turnaround time is two to three days. That is all the time we need in order for you to get a rug that looks brighter and newer than before.

From pre-inspection to grooming and the optional repair, Oriental Rug Cleaning gives your rug the care it deserves.

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