Vital Soft Water Rinse Process

Rugs and carpets, when washed, also need to be rinsed like our clothes during laundry to remove the remaining detergents left on the rug. Apparently, sometimes there are white residues seen on the rug after washing. That is why we at Oriental Rug Cleaning perform the soft water rinse process. Its purpose is to thoroughly clean the rug, freeing it from any remaining detergents, contaminants and residues.

It is important for us here at Oriental Rug Cleaning to ensure that you will have your rugs back looking more beautiful than before. That is why we have the nine-step cleaning procedure to enhance the appearance of your rugs and give you the best outcome.


Our specialists inspect the rugs for any damages or special conditions. We then get an authorization from the owner to fix or restore them. It will then be photographed, tagged, invoiced and then cleaned accordingly.

Dust and Dirt Removal

Pressurized air is a safe and thorough method of removing particles such as dust, dirt and sand. It is done to pre-clean the rug and prepare it for the next step.

Neutralize the colors

We use a dye block process in neutralizing the colors of the rug to prevent it from fading when it is being washed.

Treat the Fringe

We pre-treat the fringe for five minutes with a cleaning solution before we detail it.

Detail the Fringe

Detailing the fringe returns its original color.

Pre-treat the Rugs

Pre-treating rugs require spot cleaning for stubborn areas.

Hand Wash the Rugs

We put the rugs on a contamination bath before we proceed to hand washing,  This is to ensure its cleanliness. If there are urine, molds and insect infestations, we use the appropriate treatment and procedures in removing them. This procedure is performed on both sides of the rug to achieve the best result.


In rinsing, we use the soft water rinse process on both sides of the rug to remove any remaining contaminants and cleaning agents that we had used on the previous procedures. Then we dip the rug on cold water to help bring back the fiber’s luster. We then put it on a wringer, then on a centrifuge to make sure that the rug is emptied of its remaining water.

Dry and Groom to Perfection

We leave the rugs under the sun for four hours to restore its bright colors without ruining its dyes. This is how it is traditionally done. We then hang it for 24 hours before we re-inspect the rug to assure its quality and to see if it is needed to be spot cleaned again. The rug is then groomed to perfection before it is repacked for pick-up or delivery.

We at Oriental Rug Cleaning aim for quality soft water rinse process as part of the complete cleaning of rugs, and so we make sure that you will receive nothing but the best service from us. We also have other services such as stain and odor removal, rug padding, installation, repair and restoration services.

Drying Process

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