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Washing Process

One central step in rug cleaning is the washing technique. Actually, rug washing simply follows the principle of washing clothes or the process of laundry. The only difference is that appropriate chemicals are used to deal with a specific type of rug. Rugs are usually made of delicate materials such as wool and silk. Therefore, there is a need to implement proper washing procedures.

The Drawback of Vacuum Cleaning

Apparently, the first thing considered by homeowners when cleaning rugs is the concept of vacuum cleaning. This method has been a practice for several years now since the equipment was invented. The only predicament about vacuum cleaning, conversely, is that the rug is not thoroughly cleaned.  It is important to note that more dirt and bacteria are embedded in the base of the rug. In lieu with this, vacuum cleaning isn’t enough to cover all the cleaning procedure

Nowadays, there are modernized ways of cleaning rugs apart from the usual vacuum cleaning. Rug cleaners are available today to ease the task of homeowners who lack the time and effort to do the cleaning. So we, at Oriental Rug Cleaning offer a potent washing process to deeply clean your rugs.

The Plus Sides of Washing Process

No fading. Washing takes place after the dusting method. We do this by examining every rug before it gets submerged in our patented anti-bacterial solution. Examining the rug is done by means of determining whether it is capable of fading. Our technician uses a special chemical called Dye Block treatment in order for the rug to keep its color while it is being washed. We will assure that no rugs will fade along the process.

Penetrates deeply. One more advantage about the anti-bacterial bath is that the rug is soaked in a solution that will penetrate into the innermost portion of the rug where pests and other kinds of insects dwell. Therefore, the solution will destroy the habitation of these tiny creatures.

Oriental Rug Cleaning technicians will ensure that stains and contaminants coming from spilled liquid and food are totally removed from your rug. In the case of intense mold build-up, a decontamination bath is used.

Our safe chemicals and advanced machines guarantee that your rug will be free from odor and any form of bacteria. The positive outcome of the washing process is a freshly cleaned rug.

Our Customer Support

Fuss no more and run off your worries. When it comes to rug care, let the experts handle the job. We, at Oriental Rug Cleaning make sure that every customer is treated with utmost care and value. To lessen the burden of bringing your rug into our facility, our company provides a pick-up and delivery service.  We will also give you a FREE estimate.

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