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Rug Repair

Oriental rugs are prized investments that make homes even more attractive. However, when these rugs are not properly cleaned and maintained, they easily lose their beauty. They either get filthy, ripped or torn. And to be able to ensure that the right rug repair care is employed, it is important for any rug repair specialist to determine the severity of the rug damage first. For any rug concerns, worry not! Oriental Rug Cleaning is always ready to help save your rugs!

Rug Repair

Below are some of the most common issues homeowners encounter:

Snags on the fibers

Oriental rugs have fibers as their topmost layer, which are very susceptible to snags. When you see clumping of fibers on your rugs, don’t try to cut them; cutting will just give extra damage.


Stains are any type of colored liquid or chemicals that you see on your rug – fruit juice, dye, ink, paint, coffee, etc. Without the proper materials, removing stains on the rugs can be a difficult task.

Urine on your rugs

You can’t sometimes prevent your cats and dogs at home from peeing on your rugs. Sometimes, even babies and toddlers left unattended to play on the rugs pee. Even though urine does not leave a stain, they make your rugs, and the whole room, stink. Also, when left not cleaned for a long period of time, urine on rugs can become a dwelling place of germs and bacteria.

Fuzzing of rugs

Fuzzing occurs when the pile of the Oriental rug loosens and gets tangled when objects pass through its surfaces.


Indentation occurs when heavy furniture placed on top of the oriental rugs creates concentrated pressure, causing dents on the surface of the rugs. Indentation requires expert rug repair from Oriental Rug Cleaning.

Fading of colors

The color of your rugs can fade either because you’ve been washing it with too much bleach or because of normal foot traffic. Fading may also occur when the rug is placed in an area that gets too much sunlight.

Over-wetting of rugs

When rugs are left wet for a long time, they tend to produce foul odors. Wet rugs are also susceptible to mold and bacteria growth. Moreover, over-wetting can be caused by flood.

No matter what the rug problem is, Oriental Rug Cleaning  can provide the solutions to all these. It is worthy to note that repairing rugs is not just a simple approach of fixing. Rug repair requires skills and expertise. Therefore, do not attempt to fix the problem by yourself because you might end up messing up and then you would need to spend more. Contact our office now.

No matter what type of rug problem you have, Oriental Rug Cleaning  can fix it for you. It’s okay to try to clean and repair rugs yourself, but remember that Oriental rugs are expensive home ornaments that require utmost care. To make sure that you get the best result, make sure you consult a rug repair expert. For more details, get in touch with us immediately and avail our FREE estimates.

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