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Rug Restoration

To maintain the condition of your rugs and carpet, you have to regularly clean them. This is the best way to ensuring your rugs to last many more years. However, no matter how careful we are, we still can’t avoid accidents such as liquid spills, mold growth or insect bites. If these situations are left unattended, they can lead to further damage.

Saving Your Rugs

If you have a damaged rug there is no need to worry. No matter how severe the rug damage is, our rug restoration experts at Oriental Rug Cleaning will always have a solution for you. Even those rugs that look totally damaged can still be salvaged and be brought back to good condition. That’s how good we are at Oriental Rug Cleaning.

Rug Restoration

Beyond Cleaning

Our services is not only limited to rug and carpet cleaning, we can also repair and restore different kinds of rugs. We offer this service to our valued clients because we believe that purchasing a new rug is another expense our customers don’t need. As long as the rugs are still in repairable condition, buying a new replacement should never be an option.

Here at Oriental Rug Cleaning we do thorough and comprehensive rug restoration. Our company has the necessary equipment and machineries to ensure that the restoration of your rugs is carried out efficiently. We do our best to repair and restore every damaged part of the carpet or rug. In fact, we have a huge inventory of rug parts that we can use in case a section of the rug or carpet that we are restoring is totally damaged or missing.

Now that you know that Oriental Rug Cleaning exists, you can now check out your attic or basement for any dirty and damaged rugs or carpets that we can salvaged. You will be ecstatic once you see the after-restoration look of your rugs – looks like brand new! Also, since you don’t have to buy new rugs or carpets for your home anymore, you can use the extra money you saved for other household necessities.

Our rug restoration services will not only offer you with a totally repaired and restored rug, we also clean them for you and make sure they smell and look amazingly fresh that you wouldn’t recognize them as the old dirty rugs you have kept hidden in your basement.

Utmost Care by Means of Rug Restoration

If you hire us, we guarantee that your rugs and carpets will be handled with the utmost care since we’ve been in the rug cleaning business established in 1986.  Rug restoration with our company is definitely a worthy and smart investment!

Oriental Rug Cleaning is completely aware that carpets and rugs can’t be easily replaced when damaged. New rug replacement is ridiculously expensive so that means that you have to save more money before you can finally install a new one. Through our company’s rug restoration services, you don’t have to worry about money! We take care of your old and damaged rugs and make sure that we return it to you in almost brand new condition. Contact us today for more details.

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