Dry Cleaning Rugs: Is this the Best Technique?

Dry Cleaning Rugs

Over the years, we are used to the idea that rug cleaning is just dependent on the use of a vacuum cleaner. This misconception has been a practice by homeowners who do not believe that there are more specific methods of Rug Cleaning than merely using such equipment. Although there is truth about vacuum cleaners being able to clean rugs, there is no guarantee that these machines can solve all types of rug problems and removal of all types of dirt. As of today, rug cleaning covers a number of procedures that are geared towards solving specific types of rug problems; one of which is dry Cleaning Rugs.

Rugs are susceptible to all kinds of elements both wet and dry. These elements can either be purged out by hand or with the use of solutions and equipment that will help in the easier removal of unsightly particles in the rug.  Before getting to know who does the most effective rug cleaning in your location, it would be beneficial to understand the importance of dry cleaning.

In a more technical perspective, dry rug cleaning involves the use of chemical methodologies that focus on the utilization of ‘very low moisture’ or ‘no moisture. This method results to the complete removal of allergens, sand, grit, dirt and stains making the rug disinfected and germ- free.

The usual dry cleaning procedure makes use of different cleaning materials, solvents and compounds. During the process, the rugs will undergo drying (using dry compound method), encapsulating, and bonneting. Solvent will be extracted from the rugs as well. These cleaning techniques can only be done by a professional cleaner using the right equipment.

Look for a Company that is IICRC Certified. Since rug cleaning services have to be accurate, certain standards are set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or the IICRC. To make a rug cleaning service company reliable, it has to be certified by this institution. Therefore, this must be your primary consideration when choosing a quality company.

Search for a company with Proven Rug Cleaning Procedure. Apart from dry cleaning, you can search for a company offering Oriental rug cleaning by means of the tested Ausehrelian method.  This involves a 9-step procedure that includes: pre-inspection; dust and dirt removal; neutralize the colors; pre- treat the fringes; detail the fringes; pre-treat the rugs; prep and hand wash the rugs; rinse; dry and groom the rugs.  The company must also offer rug repair and rug restoration services.

Check their Website. Most rug cleaning companies give ample information regarding their cleaning procedures. You can additionally watch videos on how the technicians do their cleaning procedure. See the testimonials of their former clients as well.

Dry Cleaning Rugs is fine but many people still prefer washing by hand. A good company is able to do manual cleaning to minimize damages to the fabric and overall design of the rugs. Consequently, fabric damage is very common when cleaning rugs using machines.

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