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Oriental Carpet Cleaning

What is the essence of buying something expensive and destroying it in the long run?  Some things are meant to last for decades, just like our rugs at home. But admittedly, it’s difficult to maintain its cleanliness.  You don’t need to be anxious; Oriental Rug Cleaning can aid you immensely for your Oriental carpet cleaning needs.

In case you do not know how to treat your filthy rug or carpet properly, you’re not alone. Generally, even our old grandparents couldn’t figure out how to take care of these unclean rug or carpets.  You might have used strong detergents that affect the color of your floor pieces. For this reason, it is essential to note that some detergents attract dirt, so if you use such, you end up wasting your time because at the end of the day, your rug or carpet would still be dirty. Some detergents also contain strong chemicals that can potentially fade and destroy the authentic look and color of your floor embellishments.

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Just entrust the tricky job to us at Oriental Rug Cleaning. We are considered experts for Oriental carpet cleaning. We know the accurate procedure, exact equipment, and precise cleaning agent for your rugs or carpets. We’ll make sure that your floor pieces will preserve its original look.

Wool and Cotton Made Rugs Need Proper Cleaning

Various rug or carpets are made of wool and cotton. These materials can absorb and retain water for some time and that is why when treating dirty rug or carpets, proper care must be considered. Be aware that when your floor piece gets wet recurrently through home treatment, the cotton part of the material can rot.  This is due to ineffective drying and water draining. When the rug or carpet rots, it brings several consequences like awful smell and it also makes the rug  weak. Save yourself from all these troubles and call upon a proficient team of rug experts at Oriental Rug Cleaning.

Enjoy the Following Features:

  • We have the finest place as your rugs will be cleaned and restored in a 5,000 ft. facility
  • We will primarily inspect your rug or carpet meticulously in order to find out all the damages it has.
  • We will wash, rinse and dry it without using any strong chemicals to prevent any cause of color fading.
  • We will surely employ the right method of treatment according to the severity of its condition.

We will save you from wasting your time in cleaning your own rugs at home. As part of Oriental carpet cleaning, you can always cling to our specialized treatment in deodorizing your rug or carpet in order to free it from pet odors.

Finally, it does not matter how soiled your rug or carpet is.  Do not give up on it and waste your money on buying a new one. We, at Oriental Rug Cleaning are able to transform your rug from filthy to clean one.

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