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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Although rug owners do their best to vacuum and sweep their rug regularly, some deep-seated dirt can’t still be removed. This is exactly the reason why expert Oriental Rug Cleaning from ORC should be employed. Professional cleaners can remove all remaining dirt and germs that daily vacuuming missed.

The Insulation Properties of Rugs

The fibers that Oriental rugs have can serve as ready-to-use home insulators. They can easily absorb the heat during warm weather, making the room a little bit cooler. They also have the ability to absorb sound, making the room a little bit quieter. And because rugs are beautifully designed, they can add aesthetic value to the room where they are placed. Rugs are also a good absorber of dust, so this means that most of the dust in your room is collected in one place – your rug. This is why you have to regularly clean your rugs.

Why Rugs Should be Cleaned by Professional Cleaners?

If you haven’t had any professional experience in Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning, then don’t attempt in washing them yourself. Risk of damage is higher when rug cleaning is done by amateurs. If you want your rug to be deep cleaned, all you need to do is employ the services of Oriental Rug Cleaning. Our years of experience in cleaning Oriental rugs as well as our team of expert cleaners can guarantee you exceptionally cleaned rugs.

We were able to develop an excellent Oriental Rug Cleaning method that’s sure to remove all of the dirt and germs in any type of rugs or carpets. We blow off the dust and remove solid dirt from your rugs. We call this process dusting. We also manually wash your rugs; a washing procedure that is sure to keep the form of the rug intact. We rinse the newly washed rug using soft water. The rinsing is thoroughly done so that all remnants of soap are removed and the rug smells fresh and looks immaculately clean.

After rinsing, we then dry your rugs. This process will take the longest as we need to hang the rug in a room with a controlled temperature overnight. We let all the water drip down so that the rug is completely dry. After the drying process, we then clean its fringes to make sure that every inch of fiber in the rug is completely clean and germ free. The fringes are also organized and combed so that cleaning them becomes much easier. But for a more detailed method, we’ve come up with a 9-step process such as pre-inspection; dust and dirt removal; neutralize the colors; pre- treat the fringes; detail the fringes; pre-treat the rugs; prep and hand wash the rugs; rinse; dry and groom the rugs.

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If we find any damage in your rugs, we will get in touch with you immediately to let you know about it. We will then let you decide whether you want them repaired or restored as we also offer restoration services. So for any of your Oriental Rug Cleaning needs, don’t hesitate to contact us if your residence in Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale area.

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