Hire the Right Oriental Rug Repair Company in These 4 Proven Tips

Oriental Rug Repair

Rugs are very valuable to rug owners. Not only they serve as ornamental pieces inside the house but they can serve as room insulators. Yet, these rugs are susceptible to damages. And if you are looking for an Oriental Rug Repair company that offers a wide range of services – such as rug cleaning, water removal, odor removal, rug repair and rug restoration – then here are some tips that can guide you:

Tip No. 1: Look for a company that has been around for many years. Choose a company that does not only have expertise when it comes to rug cleaning and rug repair; but also years of experience in the industry. The specialists working for the company should know that rugs are precious fabrics that have aesthetic and practical values.  When it comes to cleaning and repairing your Oriental rugs, you should never compromise. It is always best that you hire the services of reliable rug cleaning professionals.

Tip No. 2: Search for a company with innovative cleaning machines and equipment. Make sure that the company you pick has state-of-the-art equipment. Never allow your rugs to be cleaned and repaired by second-rated machines that could damage your rugs instead of cleaning them. Check whether the company has its own cleaning, drying and restoration facility as well.

Tip No. 3: Be very vigilant about contractors that may try to scam you. Scammers are proliferating in the internet. So beware!  Some may claim that they clean and repair your Oriental rugs in their own facility when in fact they are brought to other rug companies. The problem with this is the guarantee whether they could really take care of your rugs.

Tip No. 4: Make sure that the Oriental Rug Cleaning process used by the company is very extensive.

Outlined below are the ideal steps of a good cleaning company to consider:

  • The pre-inspection process: Rugs undergo a preliminary inspection to assess the damage. If repair or restoration is needed, then the staff will ask the rug owner whether he or she wants the rugs to be cleaned or restored.
  • The dusting process: Rugs are thoroughly dusted before they are cleaned.
  • The color neutralization process: The rugs are treated with dye block components so that the color will not run or fade.
  • The pre-treatment of fringes. A special solution is applied on the fringes of the rugs and is left there for about 5 minutes.
  • The fringe detailing process. This is done to allow the colors of the fringes to return.
  • The pre-treatment process: Areas with the most stain or dirt are pre-treated.
  • The hand washing process: Rugs are thoroughly washed by hands.
  • The rinsing process: This is thoroughly done so that all water and cleaning agent residues are removed.
  • The drying and grooming process: Rugs undergo drying in a temperature controlled  room. Before rugs are sent back to the client, they are groomed for the very last time.

The Oriental Rug Repair tips above will surely aid you to enjoy the best service that your rugs deserve.

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