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Persian Rug Cleaning

At Oriental Rug Cleaning, we make sure that Persian Rug Cleaning is done the right way. That is why our cleaning process involves 5 stages: dusting of the rug, actual washing, rinsing of the rug with soft water, drying and, finally, fringe cleaning. Since Persian rugs are intricately woven by hands and are made from high-quality materials, extra care and maintenance is needed.

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Our company, Oriental Rug Cleaning, has been in the rug cleaning business established in 1986. We have the necessary expertise complemented with highly modernized approach to rug restoration and cleaning. To ensure that we can provide our valued clients with the best service, we train and provide seminars to our employees. We make sure that they are up to date when it comes to the latest innovations and trends in rug care. Our professional rug cleaning specialists are very well-trained, applying all their knowledge in the cleaning and restoration process.

There are a lot of reasons why Persian rug cleaning should not be neglected. As already mentioned above, Persian rugs are no ordinary rugs. Because these rugs are made from special materials and are intricately hand-woven, the high price comes as no surprise. And to be able to preserve their value, Persian rugs need to be cleaned regularly. This is where Persian rugs cleaning experts come in.

Dirty Persian rugs become a favorite habitat of germs and small insects. Rugs are naturally warm and this makes them the perfect dwelling place for insects and germs to proliferate. And because these tiny creatures are not visible to the naked eye, and vacuum cleaning can’t totally remove them, professional rug cleaning becomes necessary.

At Oriental Rug Cleaning, we have anti-bacterial materials that we use in the washing process to purge all the germs and bacteria that are living on the Persian rug. All materials and chemical used by our professional cleaners are safe on the rug but are very effective in killing germs and removing stubborn stains and dirt.

As you can see now, it is really necessary that you have your rugs cleaned by professionals. You have your health at stake here so make sure that you have them cleaned efficiently every once in a while. If you are daunted by the thought of bringing the entire bulk of your rug into our location, then worry no more. We have our special pick-up and delivery service team who are very much willing to get the rug out of you home so it can be returned to you clean and fresh in no time.

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Aside from Persian rug cleaning, Oriental Rug Cleaning also offers restoration and repair services for dirty, damaged carpets and rugs. We always believe that buying a new rug should always be the last option. We can help you save money by restoring your rug to its brand new condition.

For any rug and carpet problems, get in touch with us. It is always our pleasure to serve and assist our valued customers.

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