Pet Odor Removal: Why Air Fresheners are Not Enough?

Pet Odor Removal

A smelly rug is one of the most annoying things you will ever have to deal with at home. You know it is time to do some serious cleaning when you smell rotting fish, stinky feet or pungent urine in the living room. This will not only irritate you but can also be embarrassing when you have visitors. It can also pose health risk to your family. Spraying air freshener won’t be enough to get rid of the bad smell. While others resort to home-made solutions which are ineffective, wiser homeowners call professional pet odor removal services. These pros can save your rug and can do the right job for you.

To help you with problems aside from pet odor, listed below are some tips to consider:

Dealing with pet’s poop, pee or vomit

Pets can be a headache if they were not properly trained. You may consider rolling the rugs first while training your pets properly. If you failed to do so and your pets started to pee, poop or vomit on the rug, be sure to clean it immediately.

If you don’t take action right away to clean the urine, vomit and feces, be prepared to smell the stench no matter how potent your air freshener is.  Or worse, this can result to contamination.  Why wait for this to happen?

What to do with leftovers or residues that fall on the rug?

Pets are not always the cause of odor problems. People are too. This can be avoided by being extra careful. If some accidents happen like spilled soup or sauce, make sure to attend to the mess and clean it up immediately.  To reiterate, prompt rug cleaning is vital to protect the fibers of your rugs.

How about cigarette smoke?

Cigarette does not only stick to clothes, it also sticks to your precious rugs. If not cleaned, this can cause unwanted smell that is sometimes nauseating. If possible, do not allow smokers to smoke near your rug. If you are dealing with this problem, call the professionals right away.

The specialists offering Oriental Rug Cleaning said that cigarette smoke is one of the difficult types of odors to remove from the rug. If you are not able to handle it properly especially at an early state, it would be best to hire experts who can ensure that the right treatment is employed.

How to Address the Putrid Smell of Old Rugs?

Old rugs that are not maintained properly can smell really awful due to the rotting fibers and disintegrating materials used in them. Rather than throwing the old rugs away, hire the experts to handle this problem.

In case you applied all the tips above and still nothing happens to your rugs, it is time for you to consider a higher form of pet odor removal action.  Some companies even offer pet stain removal, rug repair, rug weaving, water removal, water extraction, rug restoration, Oriental rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning, Persian rug washing and other services. Just be vigilant in your search for the right company.

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