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Rug Padding

Oriental rugs are precious and beautiful floor ornaments. They add more life and character to any room. They can be quite expensive, too, so Oriental rugs make an area feel and look exotic. Some rugs are bought while some are passed down from generation to generation. Whichever your rug may be, it has to be protected from getting damaged. Caring for rugs by cleaning them on a regular basis can make them last longer. The much needed repairs should be done to extend their life.

There are many ways to preserve and extend the life and beauty of your rug aside from cleaning and repair. One of them is the use of rug padding. This is very useful for an Oriental rug or any rug for that matter because it keeps the rug from sliding or slipping around the room. It also cushions footfalls and absorbs the sounds in a room. Crushing of the rug is also avoided as a result of the padding coming between the floor and the foot.

Rug Padding for Thin Rugs

Rug padding is more suitable for thin and fragile rugs since heavy and thick rugs already have some cushioning and protection. They are also helpful for old, weak, and those that have been repaired. The padding can be made of synthetic foam, rubber, felt and polyester. Based on our experience at Oriental Rug Cleaning, the most durable and strongest padding are made of polyester. Urethane foams are too soft and light to give enough support for the rug, while those made from rubber tend to disintegrate or crack. Some rubber varieties tend to become too sticky that they will stick to the rug and the floor.

Take a look at these rug padding varieties:

Urethane foam

This is considered a famous padding type and preferred by many rug owners. As mentioned, it is soft and light, thus giving support to the rug.

Waffle rubber

This is a waffle-shaped padding type and also a favorite of some rug owners.

Fiber cushion

This is a choice of environmentalists as this type uses fibers and is made from natural materials such as jute. Hence, this type of padding is not ideal in places where the rug is always stepped-on.

Flat rubber

This is made of high-quality material with high price as well.   There is no need to replace the padding more often.

Knowing about the benefits of using rug padding can guide the rug owner in deciding to have them installed. Some prefer rugs the way they looked when they were first seen in the showroom while others would like to walk on a soft rug. The choice is really up to you. In case you choose to have rug padding installed on your rug, give us a call at Oriental Rug Cleaning. We do not only offer excellent cleaning, repair and restoration services, we do “rug padding” too.

The rug padding that we have are top-shelf products. They are cut to the exact measurements of your rug. We can guarantee that the padding  will not have any dander or dust mites and will neither slip nor slide. We recommend that you give our customized cut padding a try.

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