Water Damage Restoration for Water-Drenched Rug

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage, in relation to rugs, refers to the damage or losses caused by water on the floor piece. It could be the result of a flood, water leak, or any liquid that has been spilled on the rug. The liquid has been soaked up by the rug and this condition is not ideal. Much like any other materials, rugs can be destroyed when left wet for a long time. Its fibers could weaken, the colors may fade, rendering the rug useless when soaked for extended periods. Owners may take the rug away from the area and let it dry. This will save the rug but it may not last long as they would expect. For this, the best solution is professional water damage restoration.

Save the Rug

Washing the rug by yourself would involve too many risks which would eventually worsen the condition of the floor piece. As it is, the rug is in fragile state; but if you fail to use the right approach in cleaning it, the results may not be so desirable. The object here is to save the rug, to remove all the dirt and germs that have been absorbed as it was drenched in water. If possible, remove all the water that you can wring or squeeze out of the rug, then bring it to a reputable rug cleaning company as soon as you can. There are some cleaners that offer free pickup and delivery. At this point, this would add a great convenience as you can concentrate on other furniture or appliances that need attention.

Professional rug cleaners, especially those that have extensive experience in the business, would know what to do right away. As soon as you call them about your water damaged rug, they can already discuss the charges and the terms and conditions of the pickup and delivery facility. It is worth noting that leading rug cleaning companies offer free estimates. Obviously, the first recommendation would be Oriental rug cleaning, which is the logical solution since the rug is considered dirty. There is no cause for alarm because they have handled this kind of situation before.

The Process of Cleaning and Restoring the Rug

Once the rug reaches the plant, it will be watered down to flush away some of the dirt that may have been collected. The damaged rug is attended to immediately to avoid the growth of mold – a health hazard and another cause of rug damage. A thorough cleaning process begins: pre-inspection, neutralizing the colors, pre-treating and detailing the fringes, pre-treating and washing by hand, rinsing, and drying and grooming to perfection. This process already includes stain and odor removal since many other things in the house may have come in contact with the rug during the incident.

Water damage restoration will not be a problem if the right rug cleaning professionals are hired to do the job. It is also important to act immediately when your precious rug gets drenched in liquid. Just remember to move the rug away from the wet area as soon as possible and contact a reputable rug cleaning company. They may still be able to save your prized possession.

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