Wool Rug Cleaning: The Plus and Down Sides of Wool Rugs

Wool Rug Cleaning

If you own a wool rug, it is best that you know its characteristics so that you can properly maintain them. Wool rugs are considered to be the best fiber there is, and considered to be one of the priciest, too. Wool rug cleaning should be carried out by rug cleaning professionals to make sure they are properly maintained and cleaned. Also, if wool rugs are washed by cleaning experts at Oriental Rug Cleaning, the risk of damaging them is considerably low.

As long as they are properly maintained, wool rugs are said to be sturdier than any other types of rugs. Wool is made from high-quality all-natural sheep materials, not like other types of rugs that are made from synthetic ones.

Natural fibers make the best and most comfortable rugs. They have special characteristics like resilience and softness that are unique to them. A wool rug does not lose its form, softness and comfort factor even when used for a very long time. Since wool rugs have a natural springiness in them, they are not crushed easily, thus making them last much longer.

Excellent Insulator. Wool rugs are also known to be a good material that can be utilized for insulating your home. This means that if you have wool rugs around your house, your electric bill will be considerably reduced. The saving that you make on your bills can then be allotted for wool rug cleaning. Smart, right?

Stain-Resistant. One of the most notable traits of wool rugs are their stain-resistant capabilities. Not many rugs can do this. Even if other rugs undergo special treatments to resist stains, the natural ability of wool rugs when it comes to stain resistance is still second to none. Even oil, which is easily absorbed by other fabrics or fibers, cannot easily penetrate into wool fabrics. This is maybe one of the reasons why wool rugs appear to be cleaner than other rug fabrics. Wools are also fire resistant, which makes it a safer rug to use for your home.

Mostly Organic. Since these rugs are made from organic materials, they are safe to be around families who have existing allergies or other respiratory problems. It is important to remember though that only wools that are chemical-free or dye-free are 100% hypoallergenic.

Easy to Fade. However, wool rugs can easily be penetrated by water, so it is best not to place these rugs in a moist room to prevent the growth of molds. And just like any other rugs, the colors of wool rugs fade when they are exposed to too much sunlight. So make sure that you keep your wool rugs from open rooms or from any area that gets direct sunlight.

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