Mrs. Castello, Ft. Lauderdale, FL: I just got a phone call from a customer and I must say that she just made my day. She said she liked our website so much that she made up her mind to call our plant and find out more about our company and our services. She was surprised to know that we have comprehensive restoration and repair services to fix her damaged rug. After deciding that she would bring her rugs in, we also gave her a free quote for the cleaning and repair of her rugs. The look of amazement was all over her face when she walked into our 5,000 sq ft cleaning facility. She did not expect it to be so clean and well organized. We told her that we make it a point to keep our plant nice and clean, and that we want to show all our customers that we care about their rugs as much as they do. Mrs. Castello was very satisfied with our services and our plant that she said she will recommend Oriental Rug Care to her neighbors and her sister. Give us a call today and schedule your free estimate.

Rajni Agarwal President, Advanced Trading Inc., Miami Design District, 75 NE 40 St Miami, Fl. 33137: Thanks for the outstanding service. Nice doing business with you!

Daisy R, Fort Lauderdale: Daisy R, is another satisfied customer who has become a regular. She is always happy to drop by our plant because we have earned her trust ever since she tried our services two years ago. (I removed the entire sentence since there are no pictures-delete this)Even though she is aware that we offer free pickups and delivery, including estimates, Daisy still wants to bring the rugs over to us herself. We are always thrilled to see her whenever she visits our plant. This is the story on how our relationship with Daisy began. She bought in a Karachi rug from Pakistan. She saw it on sale at an orphanage and decided to buy it because she wanted to help the orphans. Plus she also wanted to bring home a souvenir from that country. Now she has it in her home, placed in a guest room. (I took out this sentence too) Before washing, this rug was very dull. After our special 9 step cleaning process that we are known for, her rug looks vibrant again. Aside from our outstanding customer service, we at Oriental Rug Care are also proud of the experience and knowledge of our rug cleaning specialists. Daisy, we are grateful for your continued patronage. Our doors are always open for you and for the rest of our customers.

Omar Maati, Coit Carpets: It’s always a pleasure to visit your plant. Your staff is always cheerful and kind. I want you to know how much I appreciate your high quality service. Thanks, Gaytha!

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